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Spreading the life and legacy of as many people as possible through scholarship fundraising focused on national youth sports

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The Beginning

The Matt Lukomski Scholarship

About Matt Lukomski

Matt Lukomski was a superstar. He had a gravitational pull that made everyone want to be near him. He loved sports and was a natural athlete at every one he tried. Kind to every person he met, and was always looking to assist in any way that he could. As an organization we strive to emulate everything that Matt was a person and give back in any way that we can.

Our initial goal is to spread and educate on the life of Matt and everyone who was taken from us too early. Secondly, our goal is to fund as many scholarships as possible to youth camps so that children have the ability to pursue their goals. With every scholarship presented we can continue to spread the legacy of those who cannot.

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March Mattness

Please help us contribute to Matt Lukomski Scholarship by joining this years Legacy Matters March Mattness Tournament. Your Support helps the Marquette University basketball camps and Boys and Girls club of Milwaukee. 25$ per entry (unlimited entries allowed).

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