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A charity whose sole purpose is to honor friends and family members that have passed away, and ensure their legacy lives on

The Legacy matters Story

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What were doing

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand number of entries in our primary fundraiser of the Legacy Matters March Mattness tournament. From there we are aiming to introduce new fundraiser events, and coordinate with national youth sports camps to increase our scholarship applicant pool. As we expand our ultimate mission is to spread the life and legacy of as many people as possible.

The Legacy Matters Story

In the inaugural year of our event 'March Mattness', the winner was John Hynes, who wanted to create the Matt Lukomski Scholarship and give it to a youth sports camp. Matt was an avid fan of Marquette University, and attended the youth sports camp there when he was younger. We reached out to the camp coordinators, who had a list of potential scholarship recipients. They were able to provide the Matt Lukomski Scholarship to two campers. From there we understood the power of what we could accomplish with this scholarship, and how perfectly it memorializes exactly who Matt was.

Legacy Matters was founded as a promise, from a request that Matt Lukomski’s mother made on the day of his funeral. She simply requested that as his best friends, we ensure that Matt’s name never be forgotten. Every March, friends and family from across the country have come together to watch the Men’s College Basketball tournament. Even as we all went off to college in different states, we always picked communications back up in March in anticipation for this exciting and important event. The year after Matt died, we decided that the winner of our challenge would select an organization that everyone would donate to, in honor of Matt.


Our Motto

"Legacy is not what I did for myself. It's what I'm doing for the next generation."

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